Monday, April 1, 2013

4 months

We had our 4 month well check up and surprisingly Bixby is tiny. She looks so chunky to us but for her age she's small. Here are her stats:

• Now weighting in at 13.5 lbs that's in the 33%
• her length is 23 inches so barely 10% for height
• then her head is 16 3/4 so 75%.

She's in the same growth pattern since birth so the doctor said there is nothing to worry about. Compared to Baines she's 1 1/2 lbs heavier and an inch shorter at this age. The nurse measured her 3 times to make sure because she was in such a low percentile. She keep saying this little one doesn't look small (the chunky cheeks throw people off). The most obvious difference between the two girls is the hair. Baines had tons that never fell out and Bixby is only left with little whispies at this point.
Her newest developments are using her arms and legs more. Last night she discovered splashing in the bath. She was going crazy legs trying to kick a rubber ducky. Then at the doctors office when she realized the table paper made noise when she moved, she went crazy again. I totally should have gotten a video of both but I was too sucked into the moment laughing with her.

She has an amazing low giggle and is super ticklish. It's so low it almost sounds like she's crying. When you tickle her tummy and chin(s), she cracks up.

Continuing to be the sweetest baby ever my sister-in-law said we shouldn't have any young impressionable teenagers watch her because they'll think it's like having a doll and want one of their own.