Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bixby Hazel Enterline

On December 3rd we were lucky to bring Bixby into this world. She weight the exact same amount as Baines, 7 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long. So crazy, i thought they would look alike but weighing the same despite Bixby looking quite a bit chunkier.

She was born via scheduled C Section because we chose to repeat the procedure since Baines was born that way too. After all the issue with this pregnancy my doctor felt it was the best option and we agreed. The surgery was much easier this time because I knew what to expect and I felt in control. Even thought the nurse didn't know how to find a vein for my IV and I almost passed out from her jabbing the needle into the bone in my hand. Other than that issue everything else went smoothly and the hospital stay was great. We got some great nurses this time plus they gave me a sweet robe.

We are so in love with our little Bix. She is such an easy baby. She eats, sleeps, and poops! what more could you ask for, I mean look at that face...
Smiling already
I'm one happy mama
Baines first seeing her sister.  She's a little reluctant 
Baines holding her Bixby
Our first family photo
Giving her sister a kiss goodbye 
She's ready to go home
Big sister Baines

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas decorations

I wanted to be really prepared this year for Christmas so I don't have anything to do once Bixby gets here. I started decorating two weeks before thanksgiving. I didn't put everything out since I can't handle all the extra clutter right now (nesting). We have 3 trees, in the living room, bedroom, and Baines' room. It was fun this year having the extra help from Baines. Her favorite was putti g "the guys" on the tree. Those gingerbread men were made by my mom when we were little. I saved them from the trash years ago because I knew my kids would love them as much as I did. (still do)

I also ordered stockings with our names embroidered. I love seeing Baines and Bixby's names together. I can't wait to be a family of 4!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Friday, November 23, 2012

Toys = Love

One of my most favorite things about being a mother are the toys left around the house. Even after she's asleep it reminds me how much I love her.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

37 Weeks

Now that I'm 37 Weeks and considered full term, it's really starting to set in that we'll have another little lady in 2 weeks. I've stared to get nervous about how Baines will react and how I will spread my love and time between both children. Luckily Nicholas is here to keep me grounded and be super dad.

We've been talking with Baines for months about her baby sister coming but I don't think she really comprehends what it means. When we put the crib back up she said "da's mine". I explained it was for Bixby and she said " No it isn't!". Also when we get a baby gift she thinks its for her and she might share with Bixby. One of my stores gave Bixby a Blabla ballerina elephant. We put it in the crib and Baines has been wanting to play with it all the time. She tells me that when Bixby comes she'll share. We'll see about that.

Baines has also been very sweet, kissing my belly and talking to Bixby. She thinks the baby is being mean when she kicks in my tummy. She says "Bixby you don't kicks mommy da's not nice".

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


When it becomes Fall if you have kids you need to do the traditional Pumpkin Patch visit.  We didn’t get any pumpkins because they are totally overpriced but Pa’s Pumpkin Patch has a full carnival for kids.  We met some friends there and Baines had so much fun.  We did the Carousel, Pumpkin bounce house, Petting Zoo and her favorite the Pony ride.  I wasn’t sure she would like the ponies since she had to do it without us by her side but as you can see she loved every second.  

The night before Halloween, Baines was in a great mood.  After her bath we put her in the new pink Skelton jammies grandma had sent.  I did notice that her voice sounded a little scratchy that night.  The next morning poor baby girl work up full blown sick.  I stayed home from work to be with her since she couldn’t go to preschool.  She slept in till about 10:00 and then woke up hungry for lunch.  I let her eat spaghetti in our bed (which she gobbled up)  Then she took a late nap and you could tell she felt crappy.  She told us she didn’t want to trick or treat or wear a costume.  I didn’t want her to miss out so we got her up and moving and she agreed to go. 

Every year we meet at Nicholas’ brothers house to trick or treat with our nephews.  Baines had an awesome time and she looked so cute in her Jessie for Toy Story costume.  I even played domestic mom and glued red sequins to her top an hat.   She ignored the sickness and was going to every house saying “Tricker Treat, Please” then “Thanks for da candy”.    She probably would have stayed out longer but she needed to go home.


Taking a sick little girl Trick or Treating probably wasn’t our best parenting moment and we paid for it!  She was up all night crying.  I literally had to rock her for about 2 hours to keep her somewhat calm.  Nicholas and I only got a few hours of sleep.  The next day I had to work so we had Nana take her to the Doctor.  So glad we did because the little lady had Strep Throat.  I knew once she started Preschool that she would get sick but I didn’t think we would start out with that.  After 10 days of Penicillin (which I’m allergic too but luckily she was not, also this was her antibiotic ever) she’s back to her healthy self.
PS. She’s looking at herself in the mirror in the video.  I did her hair like “Mommy’s”

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

35 weeks

Saturday night around 1 am I was awoken by the weirdest pain ever.  I felt this popping/ripping/burning feeling at the top of my belly on the left hand side.  In my head, I was envisioning my skin ripping open!  It was so scary.   As I tried to wake up and fill my stomach to see if I had a gaping wound I was yelling for Nicholas to get up.  Once I realized I wasn’t ripped up, the next thing that I thought was a bug bit me.   Nicholas was awake and up at that point.  He was looking over my stomach and the bed to see if there was a bug.   His eyes were trying to adjust to the light but didn’t see anything.  I then tried to stand up and the burning/tearing sensation was so painful.   We had no idea what was going on. 

I tried to look it up on Google and that only freaked us out more.  Nicholas suggested that I should call the doctor’s office.  I did and spoke with the on call doctor.  He didn’t have any real advice to give me and couldn’t figure out what it could be.   His suggestion, to take some Tylenol and see if the pain subsides.   If not I should go to Labor & Delivery.   I followed the orders and the pain did lessen.  I was able to fall back asleep.  The next morning, my whole top left side of my belly was tender and sore to the touch.  I decided to wait until the next day as I had a scheduled appointment with my doctor anyways. 

Yesterday, Nicholas and I went to my appointment and I explained what happened to my doctor.  She knew instantly what is was.  She said more than likely the pressure from Bixby cracked my rib.  Yeah you read that right, my growing little girl broke my rib.  The doctor said your ribs are held together mostly by cartilage so under the pressure it can get pushed out of place.    It made so much sense because the feeling I felt was a popping and burning. 

When Bixby is 15 and we get into a huge fight, I’m going to say “you know you already broke my rib”.  Because that’s what moms do they hold that kind of stuff over their children’s head right?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Goodbye old Bedroom

Future bedroom for child number 2

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big things going on

McCall and I are now moved into our own new MASTER bedroom! It was about half way through all the taping, joint compound, primer, paint and the trim when I started to question why the room was so darn big! We wanted the large room but it was so much work for just one room, I was going out of my mind.

Even though we are moved in, I still have to do all the finishing work on the trim around all the doors (one of these days). Another big note is our electrician friend was able to stop by and get the power hooked up to all the outlets and lights for Baines and our rooms (we originally only had a few hooked up so we could get the work done). Below are some pictures of what's been happening and how we got to where we are today (2.5 years so far!!!!). It's had to believe we started before we had any children and now we'll have two little girls and the place is still not done.

panoramic facing North

panoramic facing South

panoramic facing East

the king size bed my father and I made a few years ago. Before the platform and mattress.

The new light in Baines' room cast a cool shadow