Monday, February 20, 2012

18 Months

When I travel for work I come home and I’m always amazed at how much she has grown and transformed in a few short days.   So it’s no surprise that 18 months have flown by.  She is pronouncing her words so much better.  Learning new tricks.  Evolving into a little person and really showing her personality (Which at times can be very bossy especially to the dogs).    She’s so much fun and we’re enjoying every second with her.

  •  She is talking all the time and repeating everything you say.  Even the stuff you don’t want her to.  Mommy and Daddy slip up sometimes. 
  •  Her comfort items are her Milky and Blanky.  She asks for them all the time.  Especially when she’s tired. 
  • She Loves playing Soccer.  She says “Mommy, kick-a-da soccor ball?  She’s actually really good.  Honestly she’s better than me, which is not saying much I guess.   
  • Outside is still her favorite place to be.  Digging in the dirt, swinging, playing at the park, watching bugs,  going for a walk, or petting doggies or Kitties.  She always wants to be outside. 
  • Yesterday I taught her how to walk backwards.  She thought it was so cool.  She kept bumping into everything and laughing.
  •  When she eats she started yelling “Mmmmm, So yummy! Good!!!”  It’s really funny because she’s screaming it. 
  •  She loves singing and almost has her ABC’s down.  She also likes to sing Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ring around the Rosie, Happy Birthday and EI EI O (old McDonald). 
  •  We’ve been working on counting and she can count to 6 no problem.  She almost can get to 10 but always forgets  at least one number.
  •  Most words she says are pronounced correctly but she still says Mink for Drink but the best one is Elephant.  She said El-Oh-Shit.   It makes me laugh every time especially because there are a lot of Elephants in her books and movies.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christmas Morning

I as you can tell Nicholas and I have not been the best bloggers and I really need to catch up.  Let’s start with this Christmas Morning post that has been sitting in my draft box since January 4th

We spent Christmas morning with Nicholas family in California.  Baines got up early and lover her gifts Santa brought.   The Baby Doll and stroller were her favorites.    After hanging out at the house we finished packing for Utah and them went to the Enterline’s for Breakfast.  They made yummy waffles on their vintage waffle irons.   Baines then got spoiled again with tons of fun toys including a push tricycle.   But she loved hanging out with her cousins the most.    Our Sister-in-law Andrea got her amazing restored Cadillac that Joe finished.  It’s so cute.   After that we packed up and headed to the airport….