Friday, June 18, 2010

32 Weeks

Right now I'm sitting at my parents house in Utah after an exhausting week. I'm here for the weekend to celebrate Baby B with another baby shower. (we are so luck to have some many people who love us!)

I have been working LA Market since Monday and I am beat. Today is my last day of the 32nd week and I thought I should atleast post an updated picture. My belly has gotten huge! It looks like I'm smuggling a beach ball. Baines is still moving around but I can tell she has ran out of room. Her punches and kick have less momentum behind them. I am getting really anxious to meet her. My doctor said last week that she thinks I'll have her the end of July. I sure hope she's right. I just want to see her face so bad. Until then here is a picture of Baines still cookin. I mixed it up this time and took a photo in a green shirt.

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  1. You look so great! I can't wait to see you later today!