Monday, February 20, 2012

18 Months

When I travel for work I come home and I’m always amazed at how much she has grown and transformed in a few short days.   So it’s no surprise that 18 months have flown by.  She is pronouncing her words so much better.  Learning new tricks.  Evolving into a little person and really showing her personality (Which at times can be very bossy especially to the dogs).    She’s so much fun and we’re enjoying every second with her.

  •  She is talking all the time and repeating everything you say.  Even the stuff you don’t want her to.  Mommy and Daddy slip up sometimes. 
  •  Her comfort items are her Milky and Blanky.  She asks for them all the time.  Especially when she’s tired. 
  • She Loves playing Soccer.  She says “Mommy, kick-a-da soccor ball?  She’s actually really good.  Honestly she’s better than me, which is not saying much I guess.   
  • Outside is still her favorite place to be.  Digging in the dirt, swinging, playing at the park, watching bugs,  going for a walk, or petting doggies or Kitties.  She always wants to be outside. 
  • Yesterday I taught her how to walk backwards.  She thought it was so cool.  She kept bumping into everything and laughing.
  •  When she eats she started yelling “Mmmmm, So yummy! Good!!!”  It’s really funny because she’s screaming it. 
  •  She loves singing and almost has her ABC’s down.  She also likes to sing Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ring around the Rosie, Happy Birthday and EI EI O (old McDonald). 
  •  We’ve been working on counting and she can count to 6 no problem.  She almost can get to 10 but always forgets  at least one number.
  •  Most words she says are pronounced correctly but she still says Mink for Drink but the best one is Elephant.  She said El-Oh-Shit.   It makes me laugh every time especially because there are a lot of Elephants in her books and movies.  

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