Monday, February 4, 2013

8 weeks

Today Bixby is 8 weeks old. We went to her well check and she's a perfect and so happy. Here are her stats:

• she's a squishy 11 lbs that's in the 50%
• her length is 22 inches so 25% for height
• then her head is 15 1/2 so 81%. I'm guessing that means she'll be smart.

Bixby smiles all the time. She loves it when I say Boo to her. She even started to giggle at the sound. She coos and squeaks all the time. Her favorite activity is chewing/ sucking her hand. She's been a champion sleeping giving us a good 5-6 hour stretches every night. I attribute that to the kiddopotamus swaddle wraps. She loves being wrapped up tight and those thing keep her that way all night. I'm not that good with the blanket swaddle. She always breaks free. Although I love co sleeping with her, she's been sleeping in the crib too but it's in our room next to the bed. So I can always keep her close.

Since the girls look so much alike I love comparing their two pictures. I took this one today at the doctors and they are looking so different now. Bixby is becoming her own little person. I love how chunky she is.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks.
Sweet baby hands
Seriously the happiest baby ever!
Baines used to make this face too.  Its one of my favorites.  I love the lips.

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