Friday, August 27, 2010

Almost Insane

Last night was the most difficult so far. As before once it hit 10:00 pm she woke up and wanted to scream all night. We tried swinging, shushing, soothing, pacifier, skin-to-skin, swaddling and nothing worked. Finally around 2:30 am I went online to As it turns out there were several posts of people with our exact problem. No kidding, the hours were even the same the baby wouldn't sleep. Several people posted that a bath had worked to calm the baby down.

So at 3:00 am in desperation I filled up the little tub for Baines first official bath. She's had only had sponge baths until now. It worked like a charm, she loved every minute of it. Well that is until I pulled her out and then she screamed like they were pulling her out of my belly again. I dried her off, put on some jammies and swaddled her up. Then she sleep till 8 this morning. So were going to try the bath a lot sooner tonight!!!


  1. Aw man, nights like that suck! Bathtime totally rocks though.

  2. Awww, hang in there mama! A bath is an awesome bedtime ritual. Trains them to get drowsy after a bath! ;) One thing I wanted to suggest is a sleepy wrap. A-MAZING. Sometimes it was the ONLY thing that would get Oliver to stop crying and sleep. Its like swaddling, and bouncing and holding skin to skin (optional.) all put together. It was $40 and the best purchase I made for my baby. Hands down. You can hold baby hands free and still cook, clean, do laundry, eat. etc. And its better than other baby carriers because it doesn't put pressure on the spine.
    this is oliver falling asleep in one on a particularly hard day.

  3. oh! one more thing. Did you try taking her outside?? Babies LOVE that. =)

  4. Megan,
    I actually have a wrap similar to that one. I haven’t used it at night before but it’s a really good idea. I've only tried it once and she really liked it so I'll have to give it a shot when she is screaming at night. Yeah I did try taking her outside. It didn’t help and I thought I would wake up our neighbors with her crying. Haha Thanks so much for the suggestions. I love to get experienced mom advice.