Thursday, October 28, 2010

12 Weeks

Our little B is 12 weeks old. She has become as Nicholas calls her Drool Monster and she's not even teething yet. You hold her over your shoulder for 2 seconds and your shirt is soaked. Its actually pretty cute because she licks everything. Last night Nicholas was holding her and bouncing on the yoga ball. She was staring at me and licking his shoulder. He would pull her away and her tongue would stop. Once he layed her back down her tongue would start moving again. She did it for about 30 minutes.

She has really found her voice too. She is always screaming and squawking, trying out different tones and pitches. Sometimes she'll scream so loud she scares herself. Its really funny. Nicholas got a new guitar because we wanted him to play music for B. Its been really cute to see her face when he plays. The other night he was playing and B was singing. So freakin cute!!!! I love these two!!!!

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