Monday, January 3, 2011

5 Months

My baby girl is 5 months old today… I can’t believe it.

Just in the past few weeks she has grown and progressed so much. On Friday she spoke her first words and of course it was Dada. She loves to say it and it make me super jealous. Last night I heard Nicholas in the bedroom trying to get her to say Mama. He’s trying to make me feel better.

This baby is already becoming a handful. She only wants to be on her feet and tries to walk everywhere. She won’t be able to walk for quite awhile, she’s still super wobbly. Nicholas has been trying to teach her to crawl but she has no interest. We don’t want her to skip the crawling stage so she doesn’t miss out on important developmental skills.

Also she’s all up in my Bizness now, gone are the days when she would just lay on her back and be content. She grabs everything! Toys, paper, other children, remote controls and anything in her sight! If she can’t get it, she throws a fit. She’s getting really good at the fake-out cry. The fake-out cry also comes into play when she’s getting dressed. She LOVES to be naked baby. This morning she was in tears because she was so pissed that we made her get dressed. It was a great way to celebrate 5 months of life!

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