Monday, January 24, 2011

Check up

This morning I took my sweet baby girl for a check up. Next week she’ll be 6 months… so weird.

She’s growing just perfectly and the doctor said her development is great. She’s 14.07 lbs and 26 inches tall. Her weight dropped to 30% for her age. The doctor said it’s nothing to be concerned about; she’ll eventually gain it back. Compared to all the boys we know she’s much smaller, which is surprising because she was bigger than them the first 3 months. She’s still in the 75% for her height. Hopefully she’ll end up tall and skinny!

She had to get her next round of shots. It just kills me to hear her cry. After we were done the bandaid fell off her leg and blood got on her onesie. Talk about trauma (for me), seeing her blood almost made me pass out. She was so brave that she got a Strawberry Short Cake sticker on the way out.

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