Wednesday, April 6, 2011

8 Months

On Sunday Baines turned 8 months old and to celebrate we had our first long scary night followed by a Doctors visit. Sunday night Baines started crying inconsolably. We tried all the usually methods to calm her down but it only made her mad. When Nicholas would hold her she would get super pissed. She would only let me hold and cuddle her. I didn’t mind because I love baby hugs but I felt so helpless. She is teething and her bottom two teeth are getting close to cutting. She didn’t have a fever but was rubbing her ear till it was red. So we assumed it was an ear infection. We gave her some baby Tylenol hoping it would help. She lay next to me all night whimpering and tossing & turning. She has never acted like that so we were nervous something serious was wrong. First thing in the morning, I took her to the doctor’s office. After a detailed examination the diagnoses is… She’s just being dramatic about her teeth. Seriously, he couldn’t find anything wrong. The next 18 year are going to be really fun.

On a lighter note, we have started experimenting with finger foods. Last night she had a blast eating (squishing around) little pieces of banana. I’ve tried a few foods before and she refused to swallow them and would start gagging. Last night was the first time she actually chewed the pieces and loved it.

This is Baines at her first Kings Hockey game, We were in the Wells Fargo suite. It was Awesome!

Here is my favorite picture of the month. She loves her baths. (and chewing on stuff)

Her evolution of crawling or scooching around whatever you would call it. She leans on her right arm and pulls herself along.

I forgot to mention that they weighed her at the doctors office. She's now a whooping 16.7 lbs.

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  1. Oh my, I just have to laugh! Drama queen already, how funny! But I offer my condolences. I've been wondering how you got the easy, happy child and Aaron got the difficult baby, seeing as how you two were the opposite as kids. You've reminded me we have plenty more years of this parenting stuff to come, and we'll see how their personalities shake out :)

    Also, she is SO cute crawling! But Evan has her beat, at least in weight: At 5-1/2 months he weighs 19 lbs!