Thursday, June 16, 2011

10 Months- Delayed...

Yeah, I know I’m really behind not just on the blog but life in general. We’ve had a very eventful June so far with no slowing down. Baines 10 months just zoomed past without recognition. I was in Texas for 7 days (Yeah that’s right 7 whole days) and it sucked but I made A LOT of money. I still hate leaving my little Bubbies!

When I returned Baines grew up so much in a week. She is talking so much more. She says Dog Dog, OH NO, Bubbas (butterflies) and lots of other. She loves to point at everything, It’s so cute! When you take her outside she points at the trees and says “Ta Ta Ta”. We also loves playing the game Where’s. We say where’s Daddy, and she’ll point to Nicholas and laugh. She knows Mama, Macie, Bugita, Papa, Nana & her nose too.

While I was gone she got her first tooth. I was hoping she would wait till I returned, 1. because I wanted to see it first and 2. because Nicholas would have to deal with cutting a tooth by himself. He had a couple rough nights but they both survived. He did an awesome job while I was gone even with a broken arm. He had his cast taken off and got a brace so he could better manage the baby. I think that really helped.

I mentioned Nicholas’ cast but I neglected to mention how he got it… well over a month ago he was riding his bike home from work and was hit by a car. Super scary for him but extra scary for me because my baby needs a daddy! His adrenaline was running after it happened and initially thought he was fine. 5 hours of waiting in the ER later he discovered his wrist was broken with possible ligament damage. Last week he went for an MRI and he did in fact break his scaphoid and tore the ligament so he needs to see a hand specialist for surgery. So he's back in a cast, again!

Aside from the medical issues we’re still waiting for the Drivers insurance to resolve the cost for a bike replacement. His super nice, super expensive road bike is toast! Please cross your fingers that they’ll cover the damages!

On the plus side the house is looking BAD ASS!!!!!! Nicholas and his dad have been working super hard on the house. I’ll let Nicholas do the house update since that his area of expertise.

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  1. Such a smart little cookie! You're making me feel like I oughta be teaching my kid some stuff... if he'll ever hold still long enough to learn :) Thanks for the motivation. Can't wait to see you all!