Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So Close

The Gables are done! Time to buy the fascia and shiplap boards, cut the over hangs to lenght and put it all up. There are a LOT more things to do (unrelated to the roof) before we can call the inspector out but we are so close to getting it shingled and telling the tarps to "kick rocks." Some other good news is we bought all the AC/Heater units and parts and will be working on getting that installed very soon too. McCall and I are moving on up.

Front Door:
I've always wanted a huge front door. In fact it is one of my favorite qualities of the craftsman bungalow homes. The only problem we're having is finding a new door we like. McCall and I both like this door we've seen around Belmont Shores/Heights on a few old houses but can not for the life of us find a good remake. The picture below (left) is from an old 1910 home purchase booklet. The new owner had 4 doors to choose from, this being one of them.

I tried searching all the architectural salvage yards from here to New York, nothing. What do we do now? Make it ourselves! The design is fairly straight forward, Solid door with 4 windows. The door on the right is of a house in Belmont Heights; I knocked on this persons door to ask them if I could get the exact measurements off it so I could re-create it. It was just as I expected, a 48" wide door. You can ride a lazy boy on wheels right through a front door like that! I'll try to take photos of the building process but I know the finished product will be amazing and totally worth it. To bad the people who lived there did not say they were sick of it and offer to sell it to me.


  1. You guys are so cool. So much work! but soooo good. 100% impressed!

  2. Your house is looking awesome! It's gonna be amazing. I love your giant door idea. We absolutely loved the architecture of our old house, a little craftsman cottage, but we didn't have a fancy door like that. And now we live in generic suburbia, but what can you do. I can't wait to see the finished product.