Sunday, July 10, 2011

11 Months

We are leaving tomorrow on our summer vacation to Lake Powell. I wanted to do a quick 11 month update on our Baby girl.

-She has 2 bottom teeth and a top one almost poking through.

-Her favorite toy is a baby doll that she has to take everywhere. She holds on to it with a death grip so you wont take it away. Its really cute.

-She hasn't started walking yet but she does try to walk on her knees. She sits up and moves her legs like she's walking just kneeling and usually waving a toy around.

- Her favorite food and word is cheese. I ask if she wants a snack she yells "CHHHEEESE".

- and of course she is still making us laugh everyday. This baby is crazy weird! And we love it!

The invitations for her first birthday party just went out. We wish all our family and friends could be there to celebrate with us but since Utah is so far away, I'll make sure to post tons of pictures. Love you all so much and here's some pictures from our 4th of July.

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