Monday, October 24, 2011

Walls, Closets and hallways

More progress is being made with the layout of the new house. I slowly cracked away at removing the walls and closet of the old second bedroom (our office) to open it up to the addition. After that I pulled up and saved the old hardwood floors so that they can be re-used.

floor getting pulled up
 The two new bedrooms will be carpeted so on the old existing floor where there will be carpet I had to lay down 1/8in sheets of wood to create a sold surface over the old 1x6 flooring (to keep the bugs and critters out). Half the of new room is in the old part of the house and half in in the new part. After that I framed up the new walls that made our hallway that runs to the master bedroom, second bedroom/closet and also a laundry/storage closet.

first wall and doorway up

bedroom closet
 Once the hallway was created I re-used the hardwood pulled up from the old bedroom to continue the wood floor where the new hallway met the old. This hallways was where the old bedroom closet was so the only flooring was the 1x6's. With the walls framed and the hardwood laid you can really see/feel the layout of the new place and I'm liking it. The floors will need to be sanded and re-finished once the front addition is laid down but they've needed that for the last five years we've lived here so what's a few more?
Hallway before

Hallway that leads to master bedroom.

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