Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Roof

The Roof is finally shingled! It is hard to think about how much work went into just getting to this step. I'd have to look back but I think it has been over a year since we started hanging the first ceiling joist across the addition. Last years record rainfall did not help this process at all. The funny thing about building this roof was how many other non-roof tasks had to be done before we could get here. We built the new roof while removing the old as we made our way across the house so that we could have coverage from the rain while working at the same time. In the end, the entire house has a new ceiling and roof and the finished product is so much better looking then trying to tie into the old existing roof lines.   
after day one front
Getting the shingles installed was about a two week process that started with the shingle yard delivering the shingles and their loading truck putting a huge dent in the edge metal I had already installed. To get started I asked some friends for help for the first day of work and a bunch of them showed up on that Saturday morning. Billy W, Tristan B, Kent K, my Brother and my Father all showed up and put in some work that day. After day one we finished pretty much all the the south side of the roof because of their help. The rest of the roofing was completed by my father and I or myself solo. We put in a few hours after work on Tuesday and Thursday and then a another full Saturday and Sunday. To make sure we finished the roof as quickly as possible we put the door building project on hold. Next week we'll start back up by staining the door.
after day one back
 We have not actually installed the fire place yet but we needed to complete the above roof section of the stack so that the shingles could be finished. You can see in the pictures where the fire place will be (the window will be replace by the fire place). I'm super stoked on the look of the shingles, our house is really starting to stand out in the neighborhood.

It's had to imagine that we came from here...

*Just a side note: this is our 200th blog post!

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