Friday, March 9, 2012

1 Bedroom 1/2 Bath

Last week, McCall had to work in Texas so I decided it would be the perfect time to take advantage of her not being home and rip apart our bathroom, move our tub/shower to the new location and get ready to create the required attic access where I wanted it. I've been putting it off because that meant we would be without a shower until I was done and we would have to go to my parent's or Brother's homes to take showers. McCall was not happy with the idea of that so what better time then when she is out of town?

I knew the job was going to be a big project so I took two days off from work and asked my mom to watch Baines longer then she normally does so I could get as many hours as I could. After 2 full 12 hour days and even with a few hours of help from my Dad when he had a chance to come over I still was not done. McCall was coming home Friday night so I took another day off and with my Dads help we were able to get the shower in and at least usable. This weekend I plan to finish the green board to close it all up.

this was the old hallway closet
THICK! The cement was 3 to 4 inches thick in some places. What a mess it made knocking it down.
old tub getting abused.
removing stucco was easier then this!
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Cleaned up a little

new tub going in where the old closet used to be

new tub/shower in the new location

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