Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby 2.0

I already feel like a neglectful mother to this new little person growing inside me but to be fair it’s also sucking away every brain cell I have left after Baines’ pregnancy.  I’ve been so scatter brained and overwhelmed.  I’m now 16 weeks along and finally I’m starting to feel like myself again.

This pregnancy was a surprise to Nicholas and I but especially my body.  I have been working out and getting extremely active 3 months prior and lost 12 lbs.  What better time to have another baby at the peak of my physical fitness.  I was taking a Cycling class at 24 hour fitness when I realized that I was late.  I had to jump off my bike and checked the date on my phone.  I waited until the next day to take the test, it was Easter morning and the stick said pregnant.  I already feel much healthier than I did the first time.  Maybe because I know what to expect and I’m ready for the aches and pains.

Starting around week 6 the nausea started.   Just like before it was All day sickness not just the morning.  It was actually worse at night.  I knew every day that around 3 o’clock it would hit me and I would struggle through my work day till I could go home and rest.   This time we decided to keep the pregnancy a secret till week 12.   It was so hard to hide how sick I was at work.   I could hardly eat, only drink sparkling water, and was really quite at my desk.  I finally had to break down and tell my boss just in case I had to run out of the office to barf.   

We told our parent and siblings around week 8.  I bought Baines a shirt that said Big Sister.  Nicholas family caught on really quickly an we’re really excited.  My family on the other hand… They came to visit for a two week vacation and to help work on the house.  The first day they arrived Baines showed up wearing the shirt.  It took them about 45 min to realize.  My mom even was rubbing Baines tummy right over the Big Sister.  It was funny to sit there and want to say “Duh”.  Finally my sister-in-law Lindsay said “what does her shirt say, is that an announcement?”  My family was excited for us too and of course my mom cried. 

Once 12 weeks hit I wasn’t too thrilled to tell everyone I was pregnant.  Mostly because I was so sick it was hard to show excitement at that point but Nicholas insisted and we posted this picture on Facebook and text our good friends to let them know first.    Since then I have been meaning to update the blog.  I wanted to start the blogging about this pregnancy like I did for Baines.  I love going back and reading the comparison between the two pregnancy.  They are surprisingly similar, emotionally and physically.    I’m going to make a promise right now that I will document this pregnancy too.   I love this little person so much already I need this help to remember all the wonderful experiences.

I was sitting on the bed last night with Baines kissing her feet and I got so excited that I’ll have another pair of feet to kiss.  Being a mother is so amazing and I’m lucky to have this opportunity.   We have our ultrasound scheduled for July 17th.  We’re excited to find out if well have another girl or a boy.   

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