Tuesday, July 3, 2012

23 Months

With only one month left till we have a two year old, I thought I should update on all the fun/funny things she’s been into.  She constantly keeps us laughing and entertained.  Here are a few of the things she’s doing right now.

-We started potty training about 3 months ago.  We’re not aggressive about it and we let her go at her own pace.  I’ve been so proud at how well she has done.  In the morning she wakes up dry most days and uses the potty.  Then she also uses it a couple times at Nana’s then again at night with us.  We went with the bribe system, she gets a piece of candy every time she use it.   It’s going really well but we’re not forcing.  I want her to go at her own pace.  It would be nice to be out of diapers by the time the new baby arrives.

-Her favorite thing to say is “Mommy… what doin?”.  I hear it about every 5 seconds.  No joke I’ll be driving and she’ll ask me 150 times before we get to the grocery store.  It’s really funny because she doesn’t pay attention to the answer.   Then if you ask her the same question she doesn’t respond or say’s “I ount know”. 

-She has such a good memory.  We were watching the Little Mermaid and she started reciting the whole first scene with Arial and Flounder word for word.  I just stared in amazement and then thought she might have watched this too many times. 

-Now that she’s understanding and talking all the time she started saying funny things in public.  We went to Target and I had to use the restroom.  My pregnant bladder doesn’t last long.  We went into the crowded bathroom and we both went into the large stall.  She announced really loudly “Mommy go poopoo!”.  It made me laugh so hard.  I was dying and had to say just as loudly. “No Mommy is just going peepee”.   Then the other day we were walking home from the park.  There was a dude waiting for his kids baseball game to begin and Baines looked at him and ran away screaming “AHHHHHH, He scared me, AHHHH!!!”.   Nicholas and I felt so embarrassed and tried to explain that he was a stranger but wasn’t trying to scare her.  It was really funny.

-I’ve been doing some prenatal Yoga and Baines love joining in.  Her favorite position is Downward Dog.  She yells,  “Mommy look at me, look at me”.  Then jumps up and says “I did it!”   Then when I do Downward Dog she has to crawl under me and laugh because my hair tickles her.  I love her enthusiasm but it makes it hard to get a good stretch. 

-Lately she’s been very clingy with me.  She says “Mommy, my hold you?” in her sweet little voice.  My belly is getting bigger so it’s harder for me to hold her.  I can only put her on my hip.  I’ll be so bummed when I’m huge and I can’t pick her up to cuddle. 

Here are a few of our favorite video’s from the last month.

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