Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Girl #2

We had an exciting day yesterday with our 19 week Ultrasound.  We will be having another little girl.   Baines was right, she has been telling people that a little Sister was in my tummy.  Her name will be Bixby.  Everyone keeps asking where we came up with the name.  Honestly, Nicholas thought of it months ago before we were pregnant again and we both agreed if we had another girl that would be her name.  I LOVE the name and I’m super stoked to have two little B girls. 

This is Bixby’s side profile.  She was sucking on her hand on and off during the Ultrasound.  It was so cute.  When she pulled her arm away it looked like she was flexing her muscles or doing a mic check as Nicholas says.  She going to be tough little sister.

I asked that they do a 3D image as well.  We had one from Baines so of course I wanted to see her as well.  

I compared Baines’ 3D images to Bixby’s and I couldn’t believe have similar they are.  Both were taken at 19 weeks and almost in the same position.  It’s so crazy to me that they look so much alike.  Nicholas also pointed out that both Ultrasounds were done on the 17th.  I think that’s a sign of good luck.  

This is a little video Nicholas took.  You can see Bixby moving around.   

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