Tuesday, April 13, 2010

23 Weeks

So for another week I’m a single mother, which means cooking for myself and the dogs sleeping on top of me! It makes for a really long week because I don’t like either one. I do love my puppies but not during much needed bed time. I already have a huge bump on my belly that is preventing me from sleeping in the best position ever… my stomach. Sleeping is pretty much the same, touch and go. Some night I sleep great and others I toss and turn all night. Last night I had an asthma attack. I haven’t had one in a month so my inhaler wasn’t readily available. I had to get out of bed at 3 am and find it. It was such a bummer because I couldn’t fall back asleep. Needless to say today has been a really long day.

Baby B continues to grow and make me look huge. She is still moving around like crazy. It almost feels like a muscle spasm but stronger. She is stretching out more and I feel her move in different areas. The other day I felt a kick in the middle of my abdomen under my ribs. Most of the movement has been lower so it was really weird. I have also been noticing a lot of kicks that are in repetition. I was reading my What to Expect book and they mentioned hiccups. I completely forgot that it said you can feel hiccups. I came to the conclusion that those must be hiccups. Now every time I feel them it makes me laugh, Nicholas gets hiccups a lot so she must get that from him.

I know this week will crawl by because I have a super exciting weekend coming up. Nicholas is meeting me in Utah on Friday night. My cousin Chantal is getting married on Saturday and I’m super excited that we get to attend. We had a chance to hang out with her and her fiancé TJ in November when they were in Long Beach for a cruise. Since I moved to California I rarely get a chance to hang out with my cousins and their spouses. It was so rad! I love them both and couldn’t be happier. I am so lucky to have great relationships with my family. I know a lot of people who aren’t as lucky. I have to attribute that to my grandparents for always working so hard to keep us close. That is defiantly one tradition I will carry on with my family.

It’s going to be a really short trip but its going to be great to see my family. I can’t wait!

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  1. How fun that you are coming to Utah. I wish is was a longer trip so we could see you too. Have fun! Hope the week flies by! Be safe in your travels!