Thursday, April 22, 2010

24 Weeks

This week has flown by… I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday. Everyday I have thought about updating the blog but just didn’t have a second to do it. A lot has gone on this week including me starting my 6th month of pregnancy. Baines is now 12 inches long and weighs about 1.4 lbs. She is still moving around all the time and especially when I eat. The girl already loves her food. You can see her moving from the outside now and on Tuesday morning my nephew Dean saw her move. The look on his face was so cute. It’s fun that they are so excited to meet their cousin.

We have our monthly doctor’s visit tomorrow. We will be scheduling my next ultrasound to check on my placenta. I also have to ask the doctor about some pressure that I have been feeling. My friends think its Braxton Hicks contractions (just practicing for the real thing). Hopefully it’s nothing to be worried about. I will also have to get a glucose test. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten the 2 pieces of cake today?

We also had some drama this week. My sweet little Macie puppy got injured. We went to Utah over the weekend and she stayed with Nicholas’ parents. Macie loves going there and loves to ruff house with their boxer. We don’t know what happened but we think she might have gotten hurt playing around. Saturday night she was acting really lethargic, which is unusual for her because she normally runs on full speed all the time! It progressively got worse and when we picked up Monday night she was visually in pain. We didn’t know if she had eaten something, caught the flu, or hurt herself? She was just looking at us like “Please help me”. She also hadn’t eaten in about a day. We watched her closely all night; I don’t think Nicholas or I slept. We were hoping after food and rest she would be feeling better. The next morning she was the same. She could barely walk. So we assumed it was a back or leg injury. We took her to the Vet Tuesday morning, and we were right. She did injure her back; we aren’t quite sure where because they didn’t want to do x-rays for fear that if they move her it would get worse. She had to get a shot in the back of anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer. The doctor told us we should crate her for 2 weeks but honestly she put herself on bed rest. All she does is lay in her bed and sleep. It’s really depressing because she is our comic relief everyday. She has gotten a little better and the medication she is taking seems to be helping. Hopefully she will be back to herself soon. Bugita on the other hand loves that Macie is out of commission. She is running around the house like she is a puppy since she doesn’t have Macie stealing her toys and ruining her fun.

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