Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baines is scheduled

Mark your calenders because Baines is scheduled to come to town. Friday, we found out that she'll be born Tuesday morning at 7:30 am!

It's not what we were expecting but its defiantly in our best interest. My placenta has moved back down partially covering my cervix. It's not completely covered but enough that my doctor felt it best we schedule a C-Section.

I've been feeling very overwhelmed since we found out but I have the best partner. Nicholas is so stoked that we have it planned. The doctor loved how much he was excited about the C-section. She said she needed him in every appt to calm the other mothers. He told me, "at least she won't be weird looking" like the vaginal birth babies, since her head wont be squeezed. Haha He's always does a good job making me laugh. He was super freaked out during our Birth Class when he saw how weird they look after birth.

Nicholas is also set with he's New Father Mustache! He started growing it because he said Dad's always have mustaches.
We'll be in the hospital for 3 night so I'll make sure we post some pictures once we get home. We love you all and can't thank you enough for your support!!!


  1. He's right, I've seen three C-section babies right after birth and they are perfect -- not squished in any way and probably not as pissed off as babies who have been through all that pushing (just my theory). Also you don't have to go through labor pains and you get to keep the rest of you intact with no looming bladder control issues, among other lingering side effects. Great bonuses! Good luck and we can't wait to meet our new niece!!!

  2. We are so excited to hear more about her arrival. Both CJ and Ethan were C-section. They do come out perfect, no squished heads. However CJ had quite the attitude about being pulled out of the womb. It was fun to watch. Good luck tomorrow, all three of you are in our thoughts and prayers!
    PS I love the mustache...he is a crack up!