Thursday, July 22, 2010

One and…

My check up again went well this morning. My Dr said I’m One and …. Dilated which in to me translates to ALMOST 2. Its close enough for me to get excited that things are still moving forward. She also checked the fluid around the baby and it looked great. My Dr told me I’ve been such an easy enjoyable patient. She is super sweet. She doesn’t know me that well. She also made the comment that she has tons of babies due in the next two weeks. That freaked me out a little because the hospital has 5 shared rooms!!! If I had to share a room with someone that would mean Nicholas couldn’t say the night. This FREAKS ME OUT!!! I really need him there especially at night. So please everyone cross your fingers that we’ll get one of the 8 private rooms.

1 comment:

  1. Hell No, go somewhere else! Even if your doctor is awesome - she will only be there for the actual birth - not labor or afterward. You will want Nicolas. Trust me.