Monday, March 7, 2011

March House update

I feel like we've gotten a lot done since the last house update post. In the last month we were able to Sheet the amount of roof we've completed so far and install the 3 windows that the rear addition has (one bath room window and two Bedroom windows).We were able to reuse the existing windows we removed from the house because they were no longer needed and because they were new vinyl replacements that were installed just before we purchased the house. It took a little leg work to get the windows preped to install into new construction but the amount of money it saves us made that well worth it. Now with the sheeting and windows complete, the rear addition is significantly more weather proof.

The next phase of Construction has now moved over our existing house and definitely the messy part. Not only does our old roof have to be completely removed but so do all the old ceiling joists holding up our ceiling. When we originally had the plans created we assumed that we would be able to keep the ceiling intact, just remove the old roof and replace with the new. WE WERE WRONG!

The plans and structural engineer say no way because the old ceiling was built using 2x4s @ 16 on center (oc) and the roof used 2x4s @ 32oc. The new construction must be a ceiling of 2x8s @ 16oc and 2x10s @ 16oc for the roof. Not only that, but the new joist and rafters must run the opposite direction as the old did. So our dilemma is how do we remove and replace all the ceiling joist, keep the drywall/plaster board from falling and still live in the house? Our solution is to remove only a quarter of the roof at a time, brace the ceiling/drywall from below with 2x8s, put up a few ceiling joist at a time and screw the drywall up to them as we go.

My father and I finished one quarter of this process yesterday (ceiling joist only; roof rafters must wait until the other corresponding quarter is complete) and although it was a lot of work it turned out quite well. Removing the roof was a giant mess because below the top layer of asphalt shingles are another layer of very old, crumbling wood shingles nailed to 1x6s.

To save money I've been trying not to rent any dumpsters but I might break down with the roof removal so I can clean up and clear out my construction site (It's been a mess since day one). Once we complete the roof across the to the front of the house we can finish the overhangs by cutting them to length then nailing up the fascia and shiplap boards. I don't want to get ahead of myself though because we've still got two thirds of a roof to remove.


  1. Disclosure: the flowers painted on the walls have been there long before we bought the house. The second bedroom and our kitchen are the only rooms we've not touched since we bought the house 4 1/2 years ago.

  2. Nick, from the pictures, you've done an awesome job. I need to stop by one day to see it with my own eyes. But you can imaging the jealousy that comes from the average guy that can't do what you've done so far. Awesome job with the house and I hope to see it soon!!!