Monday, November 7, 2011

15 Months

It’s been a long time since I had a chance to write an update on Baines and now that she’s 15 months old I thought I should get to it. Here is some info about the little Baines. 

• Her vocabulary is ever expanding. She staring to put words together. The other day when I dropped her  off at Nana’s she said “Bye Mom, See ya” It was so cute.

• Not all words come out right. My favorite things she says are mis pronounced like Meow is a cat, alloon is a Balloon. Neck and ear is Necklace and earrings. Banky her favorite blankets.

• The terrible two’s have already started. Girl knows how to throw a wicked temper tantrum.

• Baby Dolls are still her favorite. She carries them around feeding bottles. She also loves her purse and filling it with our remote controls.

• She’s also obsessed with jewelry. I don’t know where she would have picked that up….Oh right maybe me! She has to wear a Neck all the time. She also has a bunch of bracelets. Nicholas put them on her feet the other day and now she always wants you to put them on as anklets.

• Being outside is her favorite thing. When we put her shoes on she get so excited because she knows its time to go outside. Rocks and bugs are the best things to look for.

• When ever she wants something she points and says “this, this!” When you finally figure out what she’s pointing at she does a little jig with excitement.

• She loves to color but crayons aren’t as cool as a pen and paper. She likes to walk around making little notes. Nicholas calls her the building inspector.


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