Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin Patch before Halloween and I meant to post these pictures. It's still Fall and pumpkins make a good decoration for Thanksgiving so it's still relevant right?

This Pumpkin Patch was awesome, not like the ones they have in Utah.  It was a full blown fair.  I had no idea since I'd never had a reason to go before having a child. We rode the Carousel, went to the petting zoo,  Nicholas took Baines in the haunted mirrors (that didn't go over too well), and Baines' favorite was the Pumpkin Bounce house.  We had to use 3 tickets because she didn't want to leave.  Aside from the few crazy carnies it was a good time.

My Pumpkins

That's overwhelmed with all this stuff face.


Crack for kids

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