Friday, November 4, 2011


We had a really fun time with our baby owl on Halloween although she is still unsure about the holiday. The first house we went to she started crying when the guy said hi. It was really funny/ sad. Also her costume was too big and she wasn’t digging the limited mobility. Towards the end of the block she was having fun carrying her owl bucket and shaking her candy around. When we got back to Nicholas Brothers house we took off her costume and then she was enjoying herself. She didn’t really care for the candy but she was obsessed with the Carpi Sun drinks they had. We don’t give her juice yet so I think it was like liquid crack. We let her have a whole one and she carried it around all night even after it was gone. She was totally juice drunk!

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  1. Cutest little owl ever! I love that she had a matching bucket. Girls knows how to dress.