Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A few Picutures of what is going on

Although our Blog updates have not been up to date on the progress we have been making on the house believe me, we've been working hard at it and have finally reaped the first fruit from it. One of the reasons for the time away was the problems we were having with Blogger and posting/editing photos. It was such a headache that I could not deal with writing a post after fighting with the program just to get the pictures in the right orientation and order. For some reason, Blogger and the iPhone were acting like oil and water.

Enough about that.

I can't recall where our last house blog post left off so I'll just say what has happened recently. We passed all inspections needed to start hanging the drywall/Sheetrock/gypsum boards in the rear addition. In my mind I've divided our house into two parts, the rear addition and the front half. The front half does include the front addition too but it also includes all the existing house. We will be tearing down all the plaster and knocking out about 5 or 6 walls in the front half of the house. We'll bring it all down to the studs so we can insulate, add new electrical and drywall to match the rear addition. We don't want to do any of this to the front half until we can move into the rear addition otherwise we'd have nowhere to live.

McCall's Parents and Brother's and Sister-in-Law all came out to help work on the house for a week in May. The timing was perfect, we just got the green light to drywall and that's not a job I'd like to do alone. They did not come out just to work, they also wanted to visit, let the kids play and spend a few days a Disneyland. We got about 4 sold day of work in and hung 100 sheets of drywall. Sorry I don't have any pictures to show of all the rooms we did right now but it's hard to take pictures of a room and get the scope and picture of drywall are boring.

Now back to my skeleton crew I started to tape and mud all the drywall we hung. My friend Kent came to help one day and my father would come and help any time he could. We decided to try and get Baines' room done and ready to move in by her birthday so we stopped working on the other rooms and focused on hers. We finished the mud and I started sanding, my dad stated working on the window trims when he could after work and we ordered the doors. After sanding came the painting. It's almost as sucky as mudding and sanding. After the doors baseboards and trim came more painting, I hate it. The two pictures are the room before we painted the trim. The room is kind of abnormal in shape, 9x16 so taking pictures does not do it justice.

east side

west side
 Now that the room was painted it was time for carpet. We did not want to buy nice new carpet since the whole house is still under construction and no matter how hard you try, dirt and dust gets everywhere so we were able to get time high traffic carpet tiles. We were now at our deadline: Baines' birthday so I spent most of the night laying the carpet down while McCall built the bed my parents got her as a birthday gift and the little table set. McCall's parents were able to fly back into town for B's birthday party and to help out with a few more finishing touches; like building the kitchen set they bought her as a birthday gift. Here is a picture of all of them enjoying the room after a long day partying at the pool. I'll have to get a picture east side and closet showing the finished product.  

In addition to working inside getting the room drywalled and all We've also been flip flopping on working on the outside of the house. We started some of the window trim, the T&G for the porch ceiling and Saturday after McCall's parents left we were able to put up our first section of siding. All this means is more painting and I'm not looking forward to that!

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