Friday, August 31, 2012

2nd Birthday for Baines

We had Baines’ 2nd Birthday party on Aug 4th.  I’m totally late on the update but wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures.  We had a Pool party as we did the year before.  I didn’t go as crazy with the decorations as I did for her first because I was pregnant and lacking energy. J   But the same about of love went into it.   It still turned out great and we were so happy to share the day with our friends and family. 

We had the party catered by Super Mex with 5 huge 1 ½ Foot Burritos and chips, guacamole and fruit.  We had plenty of food!  In fact too much because we had some last minute guests that couldn’t make it.   Nicholas’ Mom made the cutest mermaid cake.   Baines loved it and keeps talking about how Nana made her a cake for Birf-day.  My parents also came out to help us celebrate.  Baines loves them so much and we love sharing her with them.  It was nice to have the extra help too.  

Chillin before the guests arrive
Joking with Grandma

Mermaid cake

Watching her cousin swim

The Loot
Ready to sing happy birthday

Here she is enjoying the attention while we sing her Happy Birthday, until she turns bossy and tells everyone to stop.

More interested in the ring pop then the cake
So excited about every gift

In all the party was a huge success. We are so lucky to have so many people that love her.  Baines got super spoiled and loved all her gifts especially the Toy Story action figure set.   She has been carrying around her “friends” and tucking them in her covers for bed.    

This picture is kind of a BIG DEAL.  This is the first time she sleep in her OWN room.  We finished just in time for a much needed nap after a fun party. 

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