Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shaver Lake 2012

Every year in August my family and their friends take a camping trip. The location has changed a few times over the last 12 years but the last few years they've been going to Shaver Lake (Camp Edison) in Central California. The problem with the trip being in August is it is a crazy busy time of the year for McCall so she is never able to go. I usually try to go but opted out last year because it would just be too hard to camp solo with a 1 year old (plus making the 5 hour drive). Now that Baines is 2 I decided to go. I already had to take the week off of work since our babysitter (my Mother) and summer back up babysitter (sister-in-law) were going on the trip. I talked friends Tim and Ingrid to be my carpool buddies since they we leaving at the same time and headed up to Shaver Lake.

The weather was great and the campground is beautiful. Camping semi-alone with a 2 year old turned out to be way more difficult logistically then I thought it would be. Luckily I had help from everyone there or it would have been a total nightmare. I'd have to ask my Mother or Sister-in-law to watch her while I did simple things like set up the tent, run to the rest room or try and cook food. As you probably could imagine a stubborn 2 year old has her own agenda of what she wants to do and would flip out when told she had to stick around me while I worked or cooked.
My parent's and my Bother/Sister-in-Law's trailers were also very helpful because they had electrical hook up's, AC & TVs. Whenever Baines got moody she would want to go inside and watch "Buzz." They were like comfort zones for her. Over the week she probably watched Toy Story 1, 2 & 3 at least five times each.

hamburger bun hat?
  The iPad was also very helpful to keep her calm, she did not like to be around the big group of people we had camping with us (strange place and people she does not know all that well). We have a lot of educational games on the ipad and keeped her entertained. It was something she was familar with so while we all sat around the campfire she would play her games and she would not mind hanging out.

I stayed the week and then had to come home and get back to work but my parents were staying another week and we could not get a babysitter so Baines had to/got to stay another week. That means, sadly, McCall has to go two weeks without seeing her. Most of these pictures were ones I took just so I could keep send them to McCall's phone. It's hard to keep a phone or camera out while chasing a 2 year old around and especally while we were at the lake; it was almost impossible.

Me: smile for Mommy
B: stop it! 

proud rock climber

 Our Friend's Julie and Jeremy site was Baines' favorite hang our spot because they had some plastic flamingo's and because they had two real cat's in their motor home. She would spend all day trying to play with the kitties if they would have let her. We'd have to go by and visit the flamingo's every once and while.


Papa giving the kids a class on tree rings
  The place was loaded with rocks and boulders. Good ones that she should climb over and play on.

Blue lolly pop!

I was not able to get many pictures of the lake area because I could not keep my phone on me near the water. I had to almost stand guard at the waters edge to make sure she would not run too deep. The sand shelf dropped off FAST so she would be in over her head within about 3 feet from the edge. After the first day or two she understood and we were both able to have more fun in the water. Hopefully others took more photos at the beach and I can add them later. Overall the trip was fun, not very relaxing, but fun. Leaving Baines there for anther week sucks as well but we did not have any other options. My parents are in for a busy week.

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