Monday, September 10, 2012

27 Weeks

Today marks my 27th week of pregnancy.  I am really excited for this milestone because it means I’ve entered my Third Trimester.  If I were to delivery today the infant survival rate increases to 78%.    The past few weeks have been very difficult as has this whole pregnancy.  I’ve had some pre-term labor issues so every week is a milestone.

At 24 weeks I was attending the Project trade show in Las Vegas for work.   I was working in our booth for Karen London Jewelry.  Around 2:00 pm I started experiencing extremely painful contractions.   I’ve never had a real full contractions since I had Baines via C-Section.  The contractions were intense, lasting about a minute every four minutes.  I called my doctor and they recommended that I lay down and drink tons of water.   It was difficult to find a place at the trade show but I found a chair that I could recline in but it didn’t help.  The contractions continued for about 2 hours on and off.  That’s when my doctor’s office suggested I go to the nearest Labor & Delivery.  My coworker Kelli took me and by the time I was admitted the contractions had slow down.  While getting set up on the monitors I threw up and that made me feel so much better.   I initially thought it was because of the contraction pains but  I came to realize that I might have gotten food poisoning from the trade show food.  At the L&D I only had a few small contractions and they released me after about an hour.   Bixby was fine so I was relieved.

I had an appointment scheduled for the following Monday so my doctor didn’t make me come in any earlier once I returned home.   I had still been having contractions all weekend but nothing like Vegas.  When I got to my appointment Monday we went over all the details from the prior week’s events.   She checked my cervix and was worried it was too thin.  Plus I was still having too many contractions so she sent me to Labor & Delivery for monitoring and to run several tests to determine whether I was already in per term labor or just at risk.    From my urine sample they found out I did have a bladder infection that could have been aggravating my uterus and causing contractions.  I was monitored for about 2 hours and was having too many contractions.

They wanted to stop the contractions right away because once they start and get in a rhythm that’s when the pre-term labor can begin.   I was given a shot and a pill both aimed to stop the contractions.  The shot contains steroids just like inhaler for asthma.  It made me really shaky but it only lasted for about an hour.  That’s when the pill kicked in which would last for 6 hours.  Both worked to stop the contractions.   Once they were gone they had me stay for another hour just in case. 

The only good part to the day was getting another ultrasound to check my cervix length.   The tech was really nice and did a full ultrasound.   We checked to make sure she was still a girl (which she is).   It was so cute because she was folded in half and her hands were playing with her toes.   She is a very active girl so it was fun to see her moving around.   Here are a couple images the tech printed me.  (PS my cervix was 4 cm long which they said was really good)
Bixby at 25 weeks

Bixby's Leg's

I had another appointment today and my doctor was happy that I made it to 27 weeks and how I am feeling.  She wants me to continue with the restrictions they put me on at L&D, no standing, bending, stretching, lifting, excessive walking, and over activity.   My belly is measuring about 2 weeks ahead which I guess is normal for a second baby.   She said it means I’m having a healthy baby.   Also I was surprised that I’ve only gained 19 lbs.  I could swear I’ve gained 35.  Haha    She said the weight gain was great considering they want you to gain at least 30.  But I’m sure I’ll make it there in these remaining 13 weeks.

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  1. That must have been terrifying! Especially being away from home at the time. I'm so glad everything is going better now. With you only gaining 19 lbs. so far and not being allowed to do much exercise, I say it's time to put on your sweatpants and do some couch lounging. You know, eat some bonbons. You've earned it.