Thursday, January 28, 2010

12 Weeks

We had an appt with our OBGYN on Monday for a check up. First thing they do is weight me, I lost 10 lbs! I knew I was having trouble eating but thought I was eating enough. It makes sense because I was so sick for about 4 weeks. The doctor wasn’t concerned because my nausea is getting better. She also said “you’re going to be gaining that back with a vengeance soon!”

We also got another ultrasound to see the baby’s heart beat. She has trouble picking it up on the Doppler because of the baby’s position. I can’t believe how much the little thing moves in there. It looked like a Mexican jumping bean. No joke it was bouncing off the walls! That has to be from Nicholas because I never had that much energy. If it’s a sign to come, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of kicks to the ribs. Also on the ultrasound she noticed that the placenta was lower than normal. It could potentially be a problem later in the pregnancy but isn’t a concern until after 28 weeks. It would stop me from having a natural birth and would have to be C-Section. My doctor said it’s pretty common this early and generally moves as the baby grows. I really haven’t thought much about my birth plan yet but the thought of a C-section scared me.

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  1. Clearly I haven't had children but my sister-in-law has had three C-sections and says they're not as bad as you think. She says for one it's nice being able to set an appointment to give birth, for another there's no pushing and all that goes with it, and you're totally numb so there's no pain. So there's positives to everything, even having your stomach cut open to pull out a baby.