Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I’m not sure I like this point in my pregnancy. I am still nausea (about 20% better) and very sleepy all the time. I already have a visible baby bump but I’m at the point where people are saying “is she fat or pregnant?".

As you know I just went to Dallas for a trade show. I really like going there because I get to hang out with my sales rep friends. We do dinner every night and talk gossip. We have also befriended several employees at the hotel where we stay. None of these people knew I was pregnant. I didn’t make a huge announcement I just told everyone individually. They were really excited for me but it was funny, everyone already knew because of how I look. One of the employees at the hotel made a comment to my friend Monica that I had “Gained weight”. He thought I had eaten too many Twinkies! It’s defiantly not a food baby since I haven’t been able to eat much. Even one of my stores, looked at my belly several times and then said “Okay I hope this isn’t rude but are you pregnant?” Lucky for her I am. It was really weird to have people look at me and guess that I am having a baby. It’s only going to get easier as the weeks go on.

I want to post a belly picture but I have to wait till I look LESS fat and more Glowing Holy Vessel!

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