Monday, March 22, 2010

20 Weeks

I am still on a high from our very exciting news on Wednesday. I can’t stop looking at the ultrasound pictures. I put the 3D photo in a frame and I keep moving it all around the house so I can look at it. It’s so incredible that we get a glimpse inside to see her. I am so excited to see Baby B’s little face and hold her.

This week marked another accomplishment, my half way point. I have another 20 weeks to go! The first 20 went by really fast so I’m hoping the second will too. I am so ready for my hormones to go back to a normal level. Already I am always HOT! It’s been 55-60 degrees in the morning and that feels perfect to me. All day long I just want the air conditioner on full blast. The girls in our showroom are all fighting with me because they are freezing. I think I need to get a little fan for my desk. I don’t know how I am going to make it once summer hits! No one wants to see a pregnant woman in a tube top and daisy dukes but I just might have to do it. Haha Thank heavens my In-laws have a swimming pool. I know that will be a big help once the temperature rises. I already bought a maternity swimming suit in preparation. I can’t wait to use it. If the water was a little warmer I would be swimming now but I think it would freeze the baby. It’s still a little too soon even for California.

This week has been crazy as well, we have LA Market now and Wednesday I leave for Dallas. I had to retire most of my heals and some sandals already. Not having support has made my back hurt like crazy. Once I get a free weekend, I think I’ll treat myself to a prenatal massage. I’ve also been struggling with sleeping. I just can’t get comfortable; I wake up 2-3 times every hour. It’s really frustrating because I’m so exhausted but I just can’t get a good night sleep. I think my body is preparing for all the sleepless nights awake with Baines.


  1. We are so excited for you guys! I hope the next half goes by fast. Hope you are able to sleep better, maybe the massage will help with that!?

  2. Baines, is that her name? ??

    Can't wait to see your belly!!!

  3. Yeah, Baines is her name. Below is her whole name and our ultrasound pics! (look at me, I'm already showing off my littl girl)