Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I don’t think the baby’s room will be ready when she arrives (I have accepted this fact and I’m not going to stress out about it as Nicholas tells me I always do). The construction is taking longer than we thought. The rain and our busy schedules don’t help either. I can’t wait till I get the chance to start decorating. I was looking for Nursery décor even before we knew it was a girl. I had a whole set picked out for a boy too! I loved this crib for either gender. I think the grey is contemporary and classic at the same time. I can pair it with white or grey furniture. It also converts into a toddler bed so it will last us a while.

I didn’t want to get a nursery set that was too pink and I don’t like the ones that are gender neutral. I really wanted a subtle pink and I found this at They make some really modern baby bedding. I love that it’s such a subtle tone of mauve/ pink. I think it will look great with the grey crib too. The website was almost sold out of this set so my super sweet Mom bought it for Baines. She just kicked me and I think that means “Thanks Grandma”

I also saw this mobile that matched the décor. I don’t like the wind up, stuffed animal ones (No offence it you have one it’s just not my taste). The white butterflies are so minimal and will really add something special to the room. I’m sure Baines will love to look at it while falling asleep.

I was thinking about painting the room a light grey. I would love to do hard wood floors like the rest of the house but Nicholas really likes carpet. So we'll have to find something that will be durable and won't show stains. Plus it will be nice for her to crawl around on something soft.

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