Friday, March 5, 2010

Under the weather

On Monday I started feeling like I was coming down with something, By Tuesday morning I was completely sick. This is my first cold since I’ve been pregnant and can I just tell you how frustrating it is. The only medicine I could take did not work or match my symptoms. Basically I only took Tylenol to help with the sore throat and aches & pains. All I want to do is chug Nyquil but I don’t want to give birth to a Wine-O! The worst has been my nausea coming back. I think the cold triggered my gag reflex. I had to take 3 days off of work and honestly I could have taken more. I literally did nothing but sleep all day long. I don’t think the baby liked me sleeping on my side all day long. My stomach was really achy yesterday and it feels so much better to get up and walk around. I guess it was putting too much pressure on my abdomen.

It’s supposed to rain again this weekend so more than likely I’ll spend it sleeping and laying around. Hopefully by Monday I will be feeling back to normal.


  1. Oh no, that is horrible. I would up your zinc & vitamin C's. Drink a ton of juice... and go get a bottle of that pomegranate juice and drink the whole thing. and REST, REST, REST. Nothing is more important than your little bean right now and your body is doing so much right now, it is amazing to me that we still function as human beings in those first few months of pregnancy. If men had babies, the human race would not exist. LOL...

    Get some rest. xo

  2. Being sick is the worst when you're pregnant! Hope you feel better soon!