Wednesday, March 2, 2011

B's new thing

B's new daily thing is hold onto the car seat by the caring strap. As soon as I put her into the car seat she grabs on with both arms. I have to pull her arms off, one at a time, to thread them through the belts and she immediately puts them back. This morning when I got to my parent’s house to drop her off I opened the back door and her hands were down; she saw me, laughed and threw her hands back up like I caught her slippin'.

Here she is this morning when I got her ready to leave.

This was her last night. I took the picture from above looking down on her in the back seat of my truck (after I parked, of course) .


  1. What a funny girl. I love what she did when you "caught" her! How funny! Thanks for yiour idea of swimming!

  2. Maybe she's just bracing herself for your crazy driving. Could be, just sayin'.

  3. I'm not Aaron, I drive like a normal person.