Monday, March 21, 2011

Fun Weekend

Aside from fact that it rained like crazy, hurricane force winds ripped our tarps, the roof leaked, water started dripping in our spare room, and I was awake all night waiting for the ceiling to collapse or the apocalypse. If you forget all that is was a pretty fun weekend.

Friday Baines slept from 7:30 pm till 7:30 am. It was awesome because we got some alone time. We watched Black Dynamite and ate warm biscuits with honey butter. Those are my favorite night, when we just stay home and chill. Saturday I had to run errands with Baines and we just hung out. I leave for Dallas again on Wednesday so I wanted to spend quality time with her. We went to dinner with our friends Kevin and Sadie. With the baby and the house we haven't seen them since I was pregnant. It was fun to catch up.

Nicholas took Sunday off from construction since it was raining. We went and visited our friends Scott & Jeanie in Lake Elsinore. They had their second little boy in December, this was the first chance we had to go visit. We had such a good time watching the little kids play. Scott rocked the house with home made vegetarian Pho. It was super delicious!!! Jeanie took some great pictures while we were hanging out. I had to share because I thought they were so cute. I’m always jealous of her great photography on her blog Mama Sparrow.

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  1. Oh my, looks like Baines is gettin' a little handsy on that li'l guy.