Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We've got a good rhythm going and I hope it can continue. Last weekend was very productive and now that the time has changed, our days are longer and we can get a little work in on the weekdays. Here are a few pictures of what we've accomplished since the last house update. I've been trying to take step by step pictures so you can see what it is we've been doing.

This is the second quarter of the roof after we've removed all the rafters and ceiling joist. My Father is standing on top of the bathroom wall, not the drywall.
This is our bedroom underneath the roof/ceiling we tore off. We used 2x8s to brace the drywall so it would stay up until the new ceiling joist were hung. Once the ceiling joist were in, we screwed the ceiling up to them and removed the 2x8s (it creates a huge mess).
Here you can see the new ceiling joist are in.
Once we got the ceiling joist completed on the back half of the old house we were able to install the next ridge beam (6"x12"x12'). My Brother came by to help us get that up. The next ridge beam is a laminated 6"x16"x20' beam and we'll have to get a crane to lift that one for us. Luckily this beam was not too hard to get in with just the three of us.
You can see how much higher our new roof will be compared to the old, existing roof.
One side of rafters were installed so far. Tomorrow we hope to get started on the other side.
Looking in from the side we've yet to complete.
You can see the roof line will be very different then the original. Because it has been raining so much the last six months most of our pictures have parts of the house covered in tarps. I hope we can pull them off soon and get some pictures that show a bigger picture of what we've done so far.

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