Wednesday, November 21, 2012

37 Weeks

Now that I'm 37 Weeks and considered full term, it's really starting to set in that we'll have another little lady in 2 weeks. I've stared to get nervous about how Baines will react and how I will spread my love and time between both children. Luckily Nicholas is here to keep me grounded and be super dad.

We've been talking with Baines for months about her baby sister coming but I don't think she really comprehends what it means. When we put the crib back up she said "da's mine". I explained it was for Bixby and she said " No it isn't!". Also when we get a baby gift she thinks its for her and she might share with Bixby. One of my stores gave Bixby a Blabla ballerina elephant. We put it in the crib and Baines has been wanting to play with it all the time. She tells me that when Bixby comes she'll share. We'll see about that.

Baines has also been very sweet, kissing my belly and talking to Bixby. She thinks the baby is being mean when she kicks in my tummy. She says "Bixby you don't kicks mommy da's not nice".

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