Tuesday, November 6, 2012

35 weeks

Saturday night around 1 am I was awoken by the weirdest pain ever.  I felt this popping/ripping/burning feeling at the top of my belly on the left hand side.  In my head, I was envisioning my skin ripping open!  It was so scary.   As I tried to wake up and fill my stomach to see if I had a gaping wound I was yelling for Nicholas to get up.  Once I realized I wasn’t ripped up, the next thing that I thought was a bug bit me.   Nicholas was awake and up at that point.  He was looking over my stomach and the bed to see if there was a bug.   His eyes were trying to adjust to the light but didn’t see anything.  I then tried to stand up and the burning/tearing sensation was so painful.   We had no idea what was going on. 

I tried to look it up on Google and that only freaked us out more.  Nicholas suggested that I should call the doctor’s office.  I did and spoke with the on call doctor.  He didn’t have any real advice to give me and couldn’t figure out what it could be.   His suggestion, to take some Tylenol and see if the pain subsides.   If not I should go to Labor & Delivery.   I followed the orders and the pain did lessen.  I was able to fall back asleep.  The next morning, my whole top left side of my belly was tender and sore to the touch.  I decided to wait until the next day as I had a scheduled appointment with my doctor anyways. 

Yesterday, Nicholas and I went to my appointment and I explained what happened to my doctor.  She knew instantly what is was.  She said more than likely the pressure from Bixby cracked my rib.  Yeah you read that right, my growing little girl broke my rib.  The doctor said your ribs are held together mostly by cartilage so under the pressure it can get pushed out of place.    It made so much sense because the feeling I felt was a popping and burning. 

When Bixby is 15 and we get into a huge fight, I’m going to say “you know you already broke my rib”.  Because that’s what moms do they hold that kind of stuff over their children’s head right?

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