Sunday, May 16, 2010

28 Weeks

This is my first week of my THIRD TRIMESTER! Its super exciting and really nerve racking. I cant believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. I feel so unprepared and we don't have much time to get ready. I'm trying to take it one day at a time. I know Baines is not going to arrive and demand that everything be perfect.

We had our follow up doctors appt Friday, after my blood work and ultrasound. My placenta has moved so now we can have a natural birth. So we really need to get signed up for birth classes. I don't have gestational diabetes, which is great news. Not that I thought I did but my coworker got it when she was pregnant and it really seemed like a pain. My Iron was low but its really common in pregnancy so I started taking iron supplements. My Doctor said its really important since I'll loose a lot of blood during delivery. She also prescribed me a new daily Asthma medication to take the rest of my pregnancy. She doesn't want me to have any more attacks. So hopefully it will do the trick.

My belly is growing like crazy, luckily most of my other body parts have stayed the same. All the girls in the office think its funny because my legs haven't gained any weight. They look so tiny under my belly.

I'm really starting to feel uncomfortable towards the end of the day. My legs are swelling up so I have to elevate them as much as possible. I went to a birthday party today in some cute gladiator sandals (see picture above). When I got home my feet were so swollen, I didn't think I could get them off! It was really sad. I had to take a picture of the marks the shoes left. I think those sandals will have to go into retirement for now.

This next week is going to be CRAZY. Tomorrow, I am leaving at 5:00am for Texas, its my last road trip (thank heavens). My co worker Veronica is coming with me but I know its going to be a challenge. Already its getting hard doing my daily routine, so showing sample on the road will be a difficult. Veronica will be the Hulk and lift everything but I'll still have to bend down to show samples. Also Nicholas leaves tomorrow for North Caroline again. It works out nice that we're both out of town at the same time but it puts a cramp in our schedule with the house construction. Larry, my father-in-law will be meeting with inspector so we can hopefully pour cement next weekend. Everyone cross your fingers!!!


  1. ouch! you need to elevate those feet girl! Remember you are pumping twice as much blood & need to stop for a rest.

    Your hair is looking so cute by the way! Can't wait to meet that baby girl!


  2. I know I need to rest more and i feel like that is all I have been doing!!! pregnancy is crazy.