Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby B is Beautiful!

We had another Ultrasound today to check if my placenta had moved. The ultrasound tech said it had but I’ll wait till Friday to hear what my OB has to say. So right now it looks like a natural birth is possible. I better get signed up for birth classes ASAP! We have been putting it off because Nicholas said “why waist the time if we have to have a c-section”.

We are defiantly still having a girl! She was really camera shy and had her arms crossed over her face so it was hard to get a good picture. She was also moving around a bunch and wouldn’t hold still. We got to see her little feet and she curled her toes. Also she has some hair growing on her head. Nicholas and I were both born with full heads of hair so I’m hoping she will too! I still think her lips are huge, just like Nicholas’. Already she looks so beautiful. She's put on weight since our last ultrasound so she looked more like a baby than Skeletor.

Side View
Length of her body

Her face, for some reason it looks better upside down

Here it is right side up

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