Monday, May 3, 2010


We spent the weekend in Cool, CA for a 24 mountain bike race that Nicholas and some friends rode as a 4 person team. I was really skeptical about going because the drive was 6 ½ hours! I didn’t think I would be able to make it being 6 months prego. I really wanted to go support Nicholas since it was his birthday on Friday. Plus it was his little vacation away from home construction. We made a game of taking pictures of all the places I stopped to pee. I was surprised I didn’t have to stop more!

Pee Stop #1
Pee Stop #2
Pee Stop #3

Pee Stop #4 though.....

I am really happy that I went, it was so beautiful and I had a good time. Here are some pictures from the trip.

The view on the drive in

The Dudes

Nicholas in action

Nicholas Rockin it

Covered in mud after a lap

watching the race from our trailer

The whole crew

And the best part, the boys got SECOND PLACE!!!! They did awesome and I am super proud of Nicholas.

This dude was AWESOME. He rode the race solo for all 24 hours. On his final lap he took his two Chi-Wienners along for the ride. Is hard to see but the dogs are wearing matching jerseys and Doggles!


  1. Congrats to Nicholas and the rest of his group. I love that you took a picture every time you had to stop and pee. I am not one to dress my puppy but the doggles are awesome!

  2. That's too funny! I wonder how Grandma would have rated all the rest stops. :O) So, my mom, Hollie & I were out going to doctor appts (she needed someone to drive her & I needed someone to sit in the car with Hol for mine) the other day. Between a pregnant lady, a 3 year old & woman who just had surgery, I think there were literally 20 potty breaks in 5 hours. Ridiculous. But a little comical.