Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Last week I came down with a cold and had to miss three days of work. By Friday I was feeling much better and over the weekend I was still resting but doing well. Yesterday, I was coughing more than usual. Around noon it was uncontrollable. I was using my inhaler but couldn’t get relief. I thought eating lunch would help. I had a hard to breathing so I couldn’t really eat. I was also having pains in my abdomen and back. I was worried for the baby so I called my OB. She said I needed to go to the emergency room, UGH! I didn’t want to go to the emergency room so I tried Urgent Care first. They couldn’t admit me because I am 27 weeks pregnant and didn’t have monitors for the baby. I then went to the emergency room and they took me straight to Labor and Delivery because I was having pains and shortness of breath.

They hooked me and Baines up to the monitors. My heart rate was 120+ and Baines was 160+, they said it was probably because of all the steroids from my inhaler. I was only getting about 75% oxygen because my lungs weren’t opening to capacity. Long story short, I was admitted at 4:00pm and wasn’t released until 10:00pm. I had 2 breathing treatments, hooked to oxygen to up my levels, and a chest x-ray. They concluded that I had an upper respiratory infection that turned into a sever Asthma attack.

It was really scary and completely overwhelming to be in Labor and Delivery. Everything turned out to be fine but it was a bad way to start my week. Hopefully I can control my asthma for the rest of the pregnancy because I don’t want to go back until Baines is ready to be born.

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